The Mud Creek Central Routes

Mud Creek Central Railroad consists of 3 distinct routes, representing 3 different scales of the model railroading hobby. Our key route is the massive 7 ¼ route that comprises the main operating area for our organization. The run consists of 3 distinct loops of track that are interconnected; you can head from one loop to another just by changing the position of a turnout.

In addition, Mud Creek Central has a small but growing 4 ¾ loop that runs within the center area of the main route.

Want to work with a large scale, but prefer to work in a more traditional model-railroading approach? Our G gauge layout is just for you! G gauge offers the entertainment and excitement of working on railroading in natural environments such as gardens, but the trains are small, easy to handle and a wonderful way to break into the hobby of large-scale model railroading. You don't need a magnifying glass to see these toys!

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Club Routes

Play with the big boy toys

Start at the station and roll out to through a beautiful wooded area and past Redneck Junction and Frog Junction. Continue on the main-line or opt for the switch to our back-loop, through the back-woods of our property. Continue over the trestle and down through our tunnel. Continue around and choose if you want to do it again or head back home.

Or as you come off of the back-loop, opt to switch to the west loop and continue through additional scenic areas, again coming to the junction where you can head for home or keep your ride and adventure going!

And there's more!

7 ¼ Facilities

Mud Creek Central's storage shop and yard hosts a number of bays which members can rent annually for storing their equipment. Adidtionally, we have a loading ramp and turntable, so you can bring your own equipment in as you please to run.

Future plans involve expanding for more storage and even more running space. As our membership continues to grow, we envision adding new structures and trackage to host additional equipment. Get involved and help us raise the roof - it's a great learning experience and a wonderful way for families to grow in a terrific hobby together!

While any hobby is expensive, the benefit of joining our organization is that you don't have to build your own layout! Run with the club, and put your time and resources into building the equipment you want! We'll help you do that, and show you how. Most of our members build and maintain their own locomotives and rolling stock. We'll help you do that, too!

What about a smaller size?

Smaller size, but just as much fun

if you'd like to work with something a bit easier to manage, work with our 4 ¾ group. Currently, we have a small area that is home to trains that are modeled in 1 inch scale; that means 1 inch of the model equals one foot on the real thing. These trains are still rideable, but they're easier to manage and a fantastic way to get experience working with ride-on equipment.

And we're expanding here, too. Our upcoming goals for the smaller gauge involve improving the tracks and building new areas to allow riders at this gauge to do more. If you'd like to get involved in ride-on scales, but don't have the resources for bigger equipment, this might be the option for you!

And if I want traditional model trains?

We've got just the ticket!

The beauty of model trains as a hobby is that there are so many different scales and options you can work with. Not everyone has the money, time or know-how to work with the ride-on equipment; but if you'd still like to enjoy the opportunity to work on trains in real natural settings, our G gauge line is the place for you to be. We have a small but beautiful G gauge layout located in the forward area of our club. Here, you can work with other "garden railroaders" and run the equipment of a more traditional model railroad.

Our G gauge group is looking to expand too, and this is a wonderful place to start in the hobby; kids can safely work with these model trains! This is a great opportunity, and anyone can participate here!