In the quiet Hamlet of Rapids, NY sits an old farm which is growing into a new outdoor track for the 7 1/4" Ga. Outdoor large scale track (1/8th the size of the full size trains) The MUD CREEK CENTRAL  INC. is on 20 Ac. with use of the Mike Burg private track of 30 Ac.  The track has 100' radiuses and #9 switches and 3 steaming bays. Already built is the engine house / shop, foundry, turntable / lift and the water lines and electric is completed to the engine house. We have a main line of 6200’ with sidings. For 2013 we are adding more track, see track page for more information.  The goal is to have a 3-5 mile track in a few more years.

As of last year , member (Rich Mock) added a 1” scale track of 1000’ which is ready for use

As most members have existing engines and cars in the 7 1/4"Ga.  and  most of the surrounding tracks are this Ga. the members have made the decision to build a 7 1/4" Ga. track and not the 7 1/2" Ga. used in the west and south.


The track planning committee is planning many future addition, and will be updating members and the public by the newsletter page

 The MUD CREEK CENTRAL is dedicated to providing a track for the skilled craftsmen of hand built locomotives, in live steam, electric and gas, and rolling stock modeled after prototype railroads.

As of this spring the MUD CREEK CENTRAL INC. Is the owner of the land and Robert Potzger has lifetime use of house and barn.

For information contact

Robert Potzger  Ph. 716-741-2810


E-mail  - rpotzger@gmail.com