Mud Creek Central, Inc.

What is Mud Creek Central Railroad?

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What is Mud Creek Central Railroad?

Mud Creek Central Railroad is a non-for-profit club. On the grounds of our club are 3 scale model railway lines, allowing club members to build and operate models of trains in G / #1, 4 ¾ and 7 ¼ gauges.

4 & ¾ Gauge
7 & ¼ Gauge
G Gauge

Where is Mud Creek Central Railroad?

Mud Creek Central Railroad is located in Lockport, NY (Western New York). Located about 30 minutes from Buffalo, NY, we have 22 acres including our club house, machine shop, and our 3 lines. We hold open house every year in August; come out and see the line and go for a ride. We announce events in advance, and it makes a cornerstone for a great getaway weekend in an area where there are plenty of things to see and do!

What does Mud Creek Central Railroad do?

In addition to being a place where members come to play with their toys, Mud Creek Central is dedicated to education; learn about building and operating scale models of the real thing. With out larger gauges, you don't just run a train as you would under a Christmas tree, you go along for the ride. We teach members about building and maintaining the equipment and line, and our outreach program allows us to teach other groups (scouts, community groups and more) about the joy of working with "big kid toys".

I want to play, too!

It may not always be playing, but it is a lot of fun. Members to the club meet a few times a week during our warmer seasons to work on track maintenance, grounds up-keep, and more. There's always a lot we need to do, but in addition to learning skills and helping to create and expand our wonderful organization, large-scale model railroading is also a great way to meet people, a wonderful way for families to come closer together, and a good workout. Yes, the effort we put into our club even gets you out and exercising, making it a fun, healthy yet relaxing way to spend time.

During Winter months, if the weather is still reasonable, we can still go out and run, even if there is some snow on the ground. And when it's colder, we work in our machine shop, making new parts for new equipment and trackage. Learn about the processes of metal working and learn the skills to build your own equipment. Then you can run your own equipment once the weather is good again!